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by ODELIA MORADOFF on 13 Nov, 2011

We have been married now for just over a year. My incredible husband proposed to me in the heart of Israel, Jerusalem overlooking the wailing wall and the old city. He took me to a discreet balcony overlooking the wailing wall.. he told me it we were going to a 'restaurant', but in actual fact, he had organised a beautiful penthouse apartment for the night. As we had a private dinner served to us on a balcony with a guitarist playing my favourite songs.. My boyfriend sang to my favourite song with new lyrics he had dedicated to me, at the end of the song he took out a diamond ring and asked me to marry him. wWe had been so nervous, we downed a bottle of wine. the view was spectacular and my dream had come true. They we did actually go to a beautiful restaurant, which he had hired out the whole restaurant... but instead of eating our dinner we were too busy calling friends and family!!!!!