Super Enriched Monopoly

Geoffrey Parker

  • Our super-enriched Monopoly set is the ultimate luxury version of this classic family game.
    Our Monopoly® boards lend themselves to fabulous possibilities of personalisation especially when our clients what only the best of materials to showcase their lifetime achievements or milestone occasions.


    Pictured here is a case in point for a private customer's 50th birthday; we created a simply stunning piece.........bound in finest gloss black Alligator with especially large skins, meaning the Alligator would be about the same age as the personal receiving the gift! Making this style of scalloped side plinth is especially challenging in Alligator but our Master Craftsmen took it in their stride.


    All the "streets" are made of hallmarked Sterling silver plaques, engraved and enameled and then inlaid with leather - these represented in this particular case various businesses owned by our client. The only business that had gone "bust" was put safely away "In Jail". The "stations" became the banks used to build their empire whilst "Chance" was transformed into "Casino" with real chips donated by the client's favourite casinos inlaid through the Silver. An engraved Roulette wheel being inlaid into the Alligator centre panel, even highlighting in red their lucky number!

    The "Super Tax" position even had a 3-dimensional replica of our client's wife's engagement ring rather than the usually sketched illustration; complete with stones beautifully set.

    All the Monopoly® icons were engraved onto sterling silver plaques, complete with initials.


    Once the plinth is opened by pivoting the board; a black suede interior is revealed with individual compartments made for every piece: 32 solid 18ct Gold "Houses" each with a Ruby "burning" in the chimney pot. The 12 "Hotels" in this case were turned into 18ct Gold "Department Stores" with engraved logos.

    The playing pieces reflected different elements of our client's success; such as their Rolls Royce which had a tiny engraved personal number plate along with Diamonds for head light and Rubies for brake lights! A lucky mobile telephone made again in 18ct Gold which had to be a certain Nokia™ model had Diamond buttons with an Emerald for "on" and a Ruby for "off". Their super-yacht was copied from a photograph in yellow 18ct Gold and a facsimile of their Bvlgari pen that signs of any deal was produced, again in solid Gold.

    In Platinum studded with Diamonds is the client's lucky number and in black Onyx with "Diamond dust" is a reproduction of Mount Olympus.


    How about all 60 Title Deeds, Chance and Community Chest cards as Sterling silver hallmarked plaques; engraved, enamelled and inlaid in leather. Set onto 4 suede lift out trays so each card was be protected from each other.


    Bound in Alligator our "Bank" box normally has a Billionaire money pack in it with Alligator note separators; however this client wanted to play with real cash!


    Housed in a miniature 18ct Gold treasure chest are two 16mm (5/8") ball cornered spot dice - of course not normal ones but made again in 18ct Gold but with 27 Diamonds as the "spots". Also, we included a pair of ball cornered precision dice in the case of loss.

    A beautiful pair of Alligator bound uncrushable dice cups, complete with trips and suede lined are neatly stowed within their ow compartment.


    Normally a piece like this would take our master craftsmen up to 6 months to create. Amazingly, given a very tight deadline and without the technology we have available these days; we designed and made this in 5 weeks! We'd rather not repeat this, so please allow plenty of time to get the very best out of our team; however, "miracles" can sometimes be performed with the seemingly impossible if unavoidable - so do ask!


    Of course this is a private matter between our client and ourselves and with so much precious metal and stones within such a piece it fluctuates depending on the markets, but let's just say there were at least 5 noughts following the final figure!

    The above product is only a guide to illustrate that the only restriction is your imagination and we can help there as well!


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